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A bride-to-be jumps to her death after becoming convinced that a tragic accident has claimed the life of her groom-to-be. But, the end of her life is the beginning of the story when her groom-to-be is alive and his false death turns out to be his and her best friend's plan to get rid of her. Distraught by the betrayal, the spirit of the bride-to-be is craving for vengeance. This production is unusual in that it is a collaboration among twelve different Thai film directors.

Title : 9-9-81

Year : 2012

Runtime : 92

Release Dates: 2012-09-13


Actors :

Patitta Attayatamavitayaas
Supachai GirdsuwanasPhoj, The Old Dog
Setsit LimkasitdejasThe Bride
Thiti Vechabulas

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Watch 9-9-81 Stream Online Megavideo. I went to the cinema with quite low expectations due to the trailer. However after watching this film I was amazed by the outcome. There was so much thrilling tense action, at one point I was on the edge of my seat.


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